Moon Is an Arabian gelding about 26 years old sanctuary horse. He arrived at another rescue about 8 years ago & they were apparently told if they didn’t take him, he would be shot because ‘he was crazy’. He was very head shy which leads us to believe he was hit in the head more than once. Moon was adopted out & lived in the Valley for time but developed a severe allergy leaving large patches lost hair & raw skin. So he was returned after a year or so. We have found him to be a very not crazy sweet playful old guy. He gets along well with the entire herd and is generally the one who welcomes new comers… thus his nick name – ‘The Wal-Mart Greeter’.  He has developed fairly painful arthritis especially in his back legs & stifle. While he can’t be ridden, this doesn’t stop him from giving love to visitors, like the folks from Helping Hands.  Blue Moon Rescue is just allowing Moon to live out his life free to move about as a horse should. Moon has been not doing well lately & lost weight – so he is a sanctuary horse