Storm is about 23. A TB/GH cross as a result of an accident, he apparently has nerve damage in his mouth that makes it difficult for him to chew hay very well… consequently he is fed a fair amount of soaked hay pellets twice a day in addition to free choice Bermuda. For a few years he has shown signs of Cushings which in his case has made it difficult to keep weight on, but it has been fairly well regulated with chaste tree berry. Regardless of his maladies, Storm is the main man around here. When he is eating his pellets, only a couple horses are even allowed to stand by him… all others are chased of with his pinned ears warnings. We think sometimes he takes advantage of our good natures as if he sees us near the barn anytime during the day, he will walk over to his eating spot & nag us, banging on the gate & pawing the ground asking for more pellets. As a matter of fact we have had to put a stall mat there so he doesn’t wear down his hooves too much. Regardless of the unrelenting demands, his sweet face wins everyone over in no time.