Flower is a beautiful ‘stout’ part Appaloosa cremello mare who was originally saved at auction by another rescue. At that time we are told she was about 300 pounds under weight, pregnant with a baby by her side & had abscessed feet. (This may explain sprung ribs from pregnancy… just like mine LOL) Both of her babies were eventually adopted. Flower was very defensive at first, biting & kicking but over time became kind & trusting of her caregivers. They were told someone used her as a bucking horse. Now she is pretty easy to fall in love with. She was adopted out twice by the other rescue & for whatever reason was returned. While she is the mare in charge, especially with food, she has become a docile sweetheart with people & loves to be loved. Twice in the last 6 months there were people wanting to adopt her as a companion. Then for some unknown reason, Flower suddenly showed ‘lameness’. She is not rideable except by lightweight kids who can just be led around the yard or pen.