A Case for Old Horses

Occasionally I have been questioned as to why Blue Moon Rescue and Sanctuary has no horses available for adoption. Actually we do have some to be adopted as companion horses but rarely is anyone interested in a 20 plus year old full sized horse who can’t...

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When my uncle, the first born of 5 was ready to enter the world in the ‘old country’ my little Jewish grandpa was like any ‘new father to be’… very flustered. He told this story in his broken English 50 years later. My Grandma was in labor. Her mother...

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Fetal Size Determined By Mare’s Uterine Capacity

“The size of the fetus at birth is often determined more by the mare's uterine capacity than by genetics…” http://www.thehorse.com/articles/10257/fetal-development-and-foal-growth - In other words during pregnancy the equine fetus will only grow to the...

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